Weekly review, Feb 22

Another losing week, this one. Can’t seem to get ut of this bad trend.

Here are the results from last week.


Extremely home-heavy rounds in English football this weekend, which is bad for pretty much all of the systems I’m following. Fink Tank, for example, lost all 3 bets. All away bets. This week, my strategy of combining the systems saved me from heavier losses though.

Fink Tank -7 units from 3 bets
Winabobatoo -9.73 units from 9 bets
Football Investor -4.34 units 8 bets
Soyloco +7.36 units from 34 bets

Horse Racing

Jason James +34.6 units from 16 bets
Northern Monkey -31.95 units from 18 bets
Master Racing Tipster -8.92 units from 9 bets
Mystery Tipster -0.71 units from 6 bets
Chris Patti: -0.71 units from 6 bets

On trial: Tom Nelson Racing -19.38 units units from 26 bets

American Sports

ProComputerGamber NHL -17.85 units from 18 bets
ProComputerGamber NBA +37.5 units from 7 bets


Niall Lyons -3.65 units from 9 bets

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