Weekly review, Feb 15

Horse racing up, football down. It’s starting to become a common mantra for the portfolio. When it comes to the football systems, I’m absolutely baffled about the results. I took a closer look at how they’d performed on their own, and sure, they’re struggling at the moment but it’s not like they’re generating big losses, more like they’re not generating profit like they use to. At the moment that is, they’re all up over the season.

What baffles me is the consistency in the number of bets that are common for more than one system (which are the ones I bet at) that fail to win, while the unique bets for each service are the ones that makes the whole difference. It’s the absolute opposite of how this is suppose to work.

Anyhow, I need at least a full season to draw any conclusions, so I’ll keep grinding the rest of this spring.

Here are the results from last week.


Fink Tank -4.25 units from 6 bets
Winabobatoo -21.1 units from 10 bets
Football Investor -10.3 units 5 bets
Soyloco -9.12 units from 27 bets

Horse Racing

Jason James +23.9 units from 17 bets
Northern Monkey +10.4 from 12 bets
Master Racing Tipster +18.0 from 8 bets
Mystery Tipster -0.93 from 8 bets
Chris Patti: -13.71 from 20 bets

On trial: Tom Nelson Racing -25.7 units from 30 bets

American Sports

ProComputerGamber NHL +1.08 units from 18 bets
ProComputerGamber NBA -15.8 units from 9 bets


Niall Lyons -6.5 units from 3 bets

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