Graph with results from Feb 1st to 7th.

Weekly review, Feb 8

A turn-around from what I’ve been experienced lately, now with most horse racing tipsters showing profit. The new approach with PCG also started out well. The only setback was the football systems (again).

Here are the results from last week:


Still struggling.

Fink Tank -1.7 units
Winabotatoo -9.2 units
Football Investor -12.2 units
Soyloco -2.4 units

Horse racing

Northern Monkey on fire. One week left for Mystery Tipster to show his value.

Northern Monkey Punter +67 units
Mystery Tipster -13.4 units
Jason James +15.9 units
Master Racing Tipster +10.7 units
Chris Patti -5.7 units

On trial: Tom Nelson Racing +9.8 units

American sports

NHL +23.9 units
NBA -11.2 units


Niall Lyon had 3 of his tips in the top-5 in Qatar, but not the winner and only one of them was a place bet, so what could have been a huge competition ended with a very small profit.

Niall Lyon +0.68 units

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