ProComputerGambler changes

I went¬†through the results of ProComputerGambler lately and at a closer look I could find no value in keeping following the email picks blindly at the current point. NBA and NHL has been a lottery the last months and NFL has winded down for the season. I gave up college sports some¬†time ago, which leaves me with MLB, which I do want to follow and got decent results from last year following PCG. It’s just not enough to continue following the email picks, which is all I’ve been doing so far.

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ProComputerGambler results last year

40 units up, which is pretty much what it was on after the first month.

What I’ll do, is to focus 100% on the Raw numbers that PCG provides and evaluate after that time. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can read more about “Raw numbers” here.

Will also keep an eye on it via SBC, who is proofing his bets, of course.

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