January review

Stats January 2016

A pretty terrible month overall, primarily because of football betting. My combo of the three football tipsters to find the most value has failed to prove anything so far, but it all fairness the number of bets are too small to prove anything yet and with the pretty high odds played I’m gonna wait to draw any bigger conclusions before the season ends.

For February I’m adding two “official” tipsters to the portfolio. Soy Loco por ti America, to cover South American football, and Chris Patti, a free horse racing tipster from the Secret Betting Club Forum.
I’m also about to decide if I should keep Mystery Tipster or not, and I will take a closer look at ProComputerGambler, who has been bleeding lately.

Here are the results for January.


Winabobatoo -30.5 units (-18.3% ROI)
Fink Tank -15.23 units (-22.1% ROI)
Football Investor -38.3 units (-18.1% ROI)

No luck with the combo system yet. Will wait until the end of the season to draw any bigger conclusions though.

Horse racing

Northern Monkey Punter -2.9 units (-3.2% ROI)
Mystery Tipster -8.2 units (-13.5% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster -25.0 units (-21.1% ROI)
Jason James +18.4 units (6.0% ROI)

A very strange and poor month even for the most reliable tipsters. Mystery Tipster currently under consideration for a cancellation.

American sports

ProComputerGambler -52.3 units (-21.1% ROI)

Basically only NBA bets, since I paused the NHL and college sports earlier after poor results. The service is hanging on a loose thread, only saved by the MLB results from last year that I’m hoping to repeat once the season starts.


Niall Lyons +21.3 units (22.7% ROI)

Continues his amazing performance. Was extremely close to finding an 75 odds winner, which would have rocketed the results.

Complete stats, including other tipsters and my personal bets available at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats

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