Weekly review, 1 Feb

Just a quick review of last week, since the January review (the first monthly) is due.

Overall the week showed a profit of 79.3 units from 80 bets. That’s an ROI of almost 30%. Half of the profit came from Niall Lyon, who picked the right winner in the golf tournament in Qatar.


Winabotatoo +4.6 units (57.5% ROI)
Football Investor +19 units (152% ROI)

Horse Racing

Badrinath -6.46 units (-32.3% ROI)
Northern Monkey Punter -6.18 units (-24.3% ROI)
Jason James +16.7 units (31.7% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster +16.1 units (76.6% ROI)

American sports

ProComputerGambler +5.1 unit (7.6% ROI)


Niall Lyon +39.8 units (159% ROI)

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