Weekly review, 25 Jan


Currently not succeeding with my combination of systems strategy, mostly due to a bad run from Football Investor. Should I have stayed with Winabobatoo’s original ratings, I’d be in the green this week. Shoulda woulda coulda…

Winabobatoo -1.9 units (-4.9% ROI)
Fink Tank +3 units (+24% ROI)
Football Investor -14.2 units (-37.9% ROI)

American sports

Absolute disaster. The NBA run is far gone, and NHL has taken over as the leading sport. I’m not on the NHL bets though after poor results since I started following the service. Results here are NBA only.

ProComputerGambler -31 units (-58.5% ROI)

Horse racing

Northern Monkey back on track and Jason James showing a loss for the first time since… ever? Most reliable service in the portfolio (+25% ROI overall). Mighty bad week for Master Racing Tipster, the otherwise so reliable service (+24.7% ROI).

Mystery Tipster +1 unit (+24% ROI)
Northern Monky Punter +16.4 units (+53.4% ROI)
Jason James -2.9 units (-4% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster -20.5 units (-68.2% ROI)


Niall Lyon +16.7 units (+145% ROI)

Mr. Lyon was on Lingmerth to win @75 but the Swede lost in the H2H playoff. Tough shit, especially it was only weeks since the exact same scenario happened with Kiefer. Anyway, a win is a win and second place + best European gave money in the bank.

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