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The portfolio started out with a bang in April 2015 (up 208 units, compared to my target at 100 units) and over the summer things had been smooth sailing, much thanks to the horse racing tipsters I’d started following, and the English football and baseball tipsters were also doing fine.

Things went well and I found this portfolio thing an easy to master but at the same time I was aware the good form wasn’t gonna last forever. Starting in November the easy ride was over and I was making a small loss for the first time. Fair enough, I thought, since it’d been running a bit over expectations so far. As October ended I was up 1049 units – an ROI of +6,7%. My overall goal is +5%.

Portfolio stats
The development of the portfolio so far

December came and brought the first bigger loss of the year (-154 units) and as January started I was hoping for a quick recovery. It didn’t happen. It actually got worse. All the so far reliable horse tipsters seemed to have found their worse run in history at the same time and football results were basically a joke (see previous post for one example out of many). I didn’t seem to be able to hit the most obvious targets.

This is basically where I am now – down 298 units in January. Fighting my way back, but January is already the worst month in the brief history of this portfolio and I’m still struggling. Things are getting a bit less ridiculuous though and I’m expecting things to normalize any day. Hopefully I’ll be able to reduce the January damage before the month ends. Not many days left though.

My current ROI, counting from April 2015, is +2.53% so I have a long way back to reaching my goal at 5%. The funny part is this is more or less what I’d expected it would be running this portfolio, but I’m very happy the upturn came before the downturn.

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Result per tipster


Fink Tank: +4.52%

Football Investor: -18.04%

Winabobatoo: -1.83%

American Sports

ProComputerGambler: +0.48%

Horse Racing

Mystery Tipster: +9.54%

Northern Monkey Punter: +12.17%

Jason James: +25.6%

Master Racing Tipster: +25.28%

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